Four of the Best Family Friendly Neighborhoods in Greensboro

Greensboro is the 3rd largest and the most populated city in North Carolina. At present, its population is around 269,666. The city’s economic structure was based primarily on the cotton industry. There are some well-known companies in Greensboro like The International Textile Group, Mack and Volvo trucks and the Columbia Forest Products. This is the only city between Atlanta and Washington D.C. with 5 freeways intersecting. Even FedEx put up their office within Greensboro, because of the expected growth of the population within 5 to 10 years. FedEx believes that there will be a great demand for shipping hub in the city in the future. Aside from these companies, you will also find some of the best family friendly neighborhoods in Greensboro.

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Here are 4 of the best neighborhoods that you can consider when looking for a place to live in Greensboro.

Fisher Park – The Place of Single Family Homes

The center of Fisher Park neighborhood is a park with the same name. If you are looking for a place where there are lots of single-family homes and areas where your family can play outdoors, this is the right neighborhood for you. It tops the list of the best neighborhoods in Greensboro, because it is situated in a place where there are schools nearby and is close to downtown. Some of the schools you will find within the area are Fisher Park Academy, Guilford County Schools and Aycock Middle School.

Aycock – Where Historical Buildings Reside

Aycock is situated near Fisher Park, and has access to the same schools. The neighborhood is known for its historical buildings. It has a small park named Sterberger Park where Aycock homes are built around. Aycock is near the city’s center and in downtown. Aside from the Aycock Middle School it is also close to North Carolina A & T State University.

College Hills – The Home for Active Families

If you are looking for a neighborhood with lots of recreational activities that your family can enjoy, then you can consider living in College Hills. It is the first neighborhood in Greensboro. Springdale and Peabody Parks are in the College Hills community. There are a number of shops, stores, clubs and restaurants in the community because of the colleges in the area. The housing is affordable because of the huge number of students living in the neighborhood. When it comes to public transportation there lots of them to accommodate the needs of the community.

Summerfield – A Place for Hikers

Aside from having access to parks and schools, Summerfield is situated in the area where you can find the best hiking trails. Most of the housing here are for single-family. The place is a half-hour drive to downtown via the US Route 220. Summerfield is 30 minutes northwest of the city center. Your family can relax and stroll around the Summerfield Community Park, Bur-Mil Park or in Summerfield Athletic Park. Some of the schools within the area include Northern Guilford High, Northern Elementary and the Northern Guilford Middle.

There are lots of family friendly neighborhoods in Greensboro. Those mentioned above are only some of the best that you will find in the city.

Greensboro Real Estate Market Information

As the “Incomparable Recession” keeps on melting away, all regions of life seem to restoring some semblance of regularity. Real Estate and lodging was the dominant participant in the recession and we are at long last seeing light toward the end of the passage in Greensboro real estate. Real Estate in the triad has another issue is developing that Realtor community didn’t think we would need to manage until the end of time. Absence of quality supply.

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Without precedent for a long time sellers are recapturing the arranging power in the Triad. Greensboro, Summerfield, Jamestown, and Oak Ridge are seeing enormous rate increases in transactions. The mix of sane loaning and vast repressed buyer demand, low financing costs and record reasonableness have all attempted to step down on the build-up of homes in the framework.

Buying a home in Greensboro is very little different than buying a home in any American metropolitan zone: you find the home you need, make an up front installment, you contact several mortgage moneylenders for fighting offers, and you select a bank based on the credit that is a good fit for you. Greensboro real estate is prepared and your turn is in progress. Indeed, it isn’t generally that simple

The story for the keep going for a considerable length of time has been foreclosures and their effect on home costs in so many neighborhoods. While there are still and dependably be foreclosures in the market, the greater issue we are seeing now is absence of quality stock. Without fall flat, when a pleasantly updated home goes ahead the market now where the seller has estimated it decently (not aggressively low) but rather in accordance with what sells in the area, it is getting different offers.

This isn’t anecdotal, agents and buyers everywhere throughout the triad are having the same test. If you recollect your financial matters 101 class, when supply is contained, cost increases dependably seem to take after. This element is returning arranging energy to the sellers hands.

In no way, shape or form the Greensboro real estate market is fit as a fiddle. It is recommended that it’s discerning however. Homes reasonably estimated that are superior quality are selling quick at reasonable costs. Homes that are not doing so good that are not valued in like manner are perched on the market.

If you have been on the fence about selling, sitting tight for the market to turn. Assess the quality of your home versus what is on the market. If you have done some updating and are prepared to sell your home, be readied it might go snappier than you might suspect!

If you haven’t updated in a while, it’s simpler than you may envision to get your house prepared available to be purchased. there is a local vendor on Battleground Ave that has an enormous cluster of flooring products sensibly evaluated. They have contractual workers to gauge and introduce your floors on staff. Something else, it’s a little thing, however updating your spigots, mirrors and brass door handles can be an exceptionally economical method for getting your house prepared available to be purchased and making the dream of a costly rebuild. manor house clearance